Assassination Classroom

An alien blows up the moon one day, the next day your class is assigned an alien teacher who you must kill before graduation. What the hell?assassination classroom

For these “E-class” students or “end class”, also known as the students that will never amount to anything and are a disgrace to everyone around them, are given the task to kill their teacher. They are taught assassin skills as well as improving their overall grades. What kind of bizarre class is this?!

assination classroom

I’m only a few episodes into the first season but am already hooked. How do you kill a creature that can out fly jets, is immune to regular bullets, and can regenerate limbs? That’s the billion dollar question, that if answered, the person who kills the teacher will be given enough money to live the rest of their life in luxury.

Pros: I like that the teacher hasn’t given up on the students. He’s always pushing them past their limits to improve themselves. While the students and eager to learn more. I also enjoy that each student has a skill they exceed in. Like many high school students, they excel in certain aspects but lack other skills. However, this teacher helps them improve the skills they lack as well as challenge them in the one skill they exceed in.

Cons: The major con (that almost makes me want to quit watching); their teacher is impossible to kill. It looks as though the only way to kill him is to catch him off guard, which is practically never, and even if you do, he can regenerate. Another terrible thing about the show is how the E-class students are treated. The other students, teachers, and even principal all scorn them and don’t want to associate with them. It’s so bad that the principal even changed the questions on the school tests just so that the E-class fails.

Overall, I’m still interested in the show and will watch till the end of first season at least.




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